Monday, 7 January 2013

New faces on Lewis and Silent Witness

• Fresh faces are joining two long-running crime series this month. The new series of Lewis, which starts today (ITV1, Monday, 7 January 9pm), kicks off with established sidekick Hathaway (Laurence Fox), but by episode 3 – The Ramblin' Boy on 21 January – Hathaway will be away in Kosovo. Innocent will introduce Lewis to his new right-hand man, Alex Gray, played by Babou Ceesay, who may be familiar from Jo Brand's Getting On. Gray is a young constable straight out of uniform and will be one of the few leading black characters in ITV's stable of long-running crime series, which includes the likes of Inspector Morse and Midsomer Murders.

• Meanwhile, on Thursday (BBC1, 10 January, 9pm), the blood and guts drama Silent Witness returns with a new character – forensic scientist Jack Hodgson, played by David Caves (left, with Emilia Fox as Nikki), in his first TV role. He, Nikki and Leo (William Gaminara) are plunged into a case involving the death of a confectionary company owner – was it natural causes, or murder? Also, look out for another new cast member, Liz Carr as lab scientist Clarissa Mullery.

Rupert Penry-Jones, Steve Pemberton, Phil Davis
• Elsewhere on the mean streets, principal photography starts today on six new episodes of Whitechapel 4, written again by Caroline Ip and Ben Court, but with cast member Steve Pemberton chipping in on the scripts. He'll also be featuring again alongside Rupert Penry-Jones and Phil Davis, as Chandler, Miles and the team delve into further bizarre and macabre killings. Historical crimes involving witchcraft, cold war espionage, ghoulish Victorian surgeons and horrors in hidden East End tunnels will all feature. Who would have thought the original premise of a Jack the Ripper rehash could be resurrected so many times?