Friday, 14 December 2012

The Killing III – the last weekend

Shooting star – Sarah Lund. Pics: BBC
Reinhardt and Zeuthen
The devotion of British viewers to The Killing will be cut tomorrow night when the third series concludes and we say Hej hej to Sarah Lund and what has been a memorable TV drama. As Lund's cowboy strut takes her off into the sunset (or, as this is Denmark, into the gloom), will it end happily for Sarah, the obsessed but shrewd detective? Will she be reconciled with her son? Seems unlikely she will end up with Borch, the man she loves, after that visit from his wife last week. But surely writer Søren Sveistrup won't be cruel and kill her off… Oh, and then there's the investigation. We now know it was Zeuthen's right-hand man, Reinhardt, who seemed to have provoked the whole killing spree and kidnapping of his daughter. Will the killer get Reinhardt, or will Lund stop him? Will Kamper win the election, and what has been Karen's game? This series has had its slow stretches (anyone care if Kamper's party forms an alliance with the Centre Party?) and its implausibilities (how did the killer vanish after Lund shot him from a few feet away, and then again when he limped away from his pursuers at the government HQ?). The Killing III may not have matched the superb first series, but it has still been a sophisticated, emotionally charged thriller. And in Sofie Gråbøl (Lund), Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Mathias Borch), Morten Suurballe (Lennart Brix) and the rest, the series once again gave us a gripping display of ensemble acting. It's about time UK broadcasters tried to match The Killing's depth and quality. The final two episodes of The Killing are on BBC4 tomorrow night (Saturday, 15 December), starting at 9pm